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Julie in Los Angeles, California
"Alan was an absolutely competent, patient, and passionate singing teacher. I had the privilege of studying with him in New York City. He brought with him a centered, committed attitude, not to mention all his performance background. He was also amenable to answering questions outside of class or giving useful guidance. As he has, now, penetrated the Nashville market, I should think he would be a great asset to someone looking to gain traction in the music world."

Ainka in New York, New York
"Hi Alan! I had a baby two years ago, and the breathing techniques that you taught were better than the ones I learned in birthing class. [They] got me through thirty-something hours of labor! I always wanted to tell you, but I thought it was so random after all these years. Some people teach things that other people will carry with them for years to come. Thank you for that."

Mike in Bowling Green, Kentucky
"I want to thank you for all the patience you displayed trying to show me the proper way to train my voice. You really opened my eyes to so many singing techniques I had never imagined before. I also have to credit you with increasing my confidence and motivation. I never, ever thought I could ever sing anything, but now, I think that with more work and guidance, I will reach some of my singing goals in the future. I wish the distance between us permitted me to remain a regular student of yours, but for now I hope to continue with a instructor closer to home. Thanks again Alan, and may you have much success in your future."

Bob in Washington, DC
"Alan - I just wanted to drop a note to tell you that the lessons we had last summer were (and still are) very beneficial. I've taught lessons in the past and know how nice it is to hear that I've made an impact on someone else's playing, so I wanted to let you know.

I actually like most of my solos now - and so does the audience and fellow musicians.

Thanks again,"

Beth in Nashville, Tennessee
"I just wanted to say thanks again for a great lesson! It is so good to talk to someone who completely understands where I'm coming from. See you next week."

Nathan (9 years old) in Nashville, Tennessee
"He is a wonderful guitar instructor because he's nice and he's cool. I've learned a lot of songs and you could too."

Nathan's Mom and Dad in Nashville, Tennessee
"First and foremost, Alan listens to his students and tailor makes a program to meet the individual's level and goals. In our case, Nathan submitted titles of his favorite songs. Alan taught him these selections and, at the same time, used them to artfully 'sneak in' fundamental concepts and technique. Furthermore, he has shown Nathan how music can enhance other areas of his life, especially his interest in drawing and painting. As an added benefit, learning guitar in this fun environment has had a positive impact on our son's self-esteem. We look forward to many more lessons with Alan."

Jim in Oak Lawn, Illinois
"Hello Alan, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the recent lessons. I practiced with my band last week and it was like a light bulb when on in my head. Ideas are coming easier, I'm sounding better, my timing is better, etc... I've been practicing the scales (with correct fingering and picking) and have started to apply them with everything. They were exactly what I needed. I could not ask for a better 2 lessons. I really didn't know what to expect, but my expectations were met and then some. If I'm ever heading back to Nashville, I'll be sure to give you a call for a few more lessons. Thanks again, Jim"

Ricky in Chicago, Illinois
"Hey...I'm not sure if it was you, but I was just wondering if you did video blues lessons on Workshop Live (www.workshoplive.com)...If you did (and it's you), I just wanted to tell you that they really helped me."

Ruth in Princeton, New Jersey
"...It's AMAZING...with what you've taught me it's like my fingers are LONGER...I played a barre chord and thought, hey, this couldn't be what it is because it's no big deal to reach it. No big deal when my hand's in the correct place."

Michael in Nashville, Tennessee
"I went home and practiced more last night. I look forward to Wednesday nights every week. Thanks for all you do."

Ty in San Diego, California
"Just a note to say thanks as always for an incredible lesson on Wednesday!"

Kim in Nashville, Tennessee
"WOW - you guys read my mind so let me start with saying my teacher Alan is TERRIFIC - and I do mean TERRIFIC - when I first met him I felt so comfortable - his way of teaching is very patient and informative. Alan has a method of teaching that allows you to absorb valuable information while learning a skill. He makes the lessons simple and fun. Alan gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and that's wonderful for mature students that wish to learn something new. If I could - I would let everyone know that there is a chance to experience your musical dream - Just take a chance as a matter of fact take a Lesson."

Chris in Nashville, Tennessee
"Ahh man, Alan's great. He is patient and very good at explaining certain scales and techniques. He'll get you on that path you're trying to get on."

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Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Publisher, Instructor
Nashville, Tennessee


Alan Bennett Music (official site)
WorkshopLive (online instructor)
National Guitar Workshop (faculty)


Bachelor of Science
Music Theory & Composition
State University of New York,
the College at New Paltz

Graduate Studios
Masters of Science in Education
Emphasis on Vocal Music
Northwest Missouri State University
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